UK offers Malaysian firms £2.5m for energy and climate action projects

The UK and Malaysia share the common goal of tackling climate change and have agreed to share best practices and approaches for climate action

Malaysia’s first hydrogen buses hit the streets

The zero-emission public transport is expected to help significantly cut costs and slash carbon emissions

UK condemns shipments of illegal plastic waste to Malaysia

Individuals found to be exporting incorrectly described waste could face two years in jail or an unlimited fine in the UK

Malaysia to send plastic waste back to UK and other foreign countries

One UK recycling company is said to have exported more than 50,000 metric tonnes of plastic waste to Malaysia over the past two years

River pollution test
Chemical leak forces 34 Malaysian schools to close

Chemicals dumped into the Kim Kim river have caused 469 people to fall sick

Indonesia and Malaysia join forces to fight EU phase-out of palm oil biofuels

The EU plans to cut the use of palm oil as biodiesel from 2030

UK-Malaysia bioelectricity project wins Newton Prize

A project that generates sustainable electricity from effluent waste processing has been awarded with the Newton Prize worth £112,000. UK and Malaysian researchers from the University of Cambridge and University of Malaya successfully developed an integrated microbial fuel cell prototype using tropical algae from wastewater. The project is expected to help meet the demands for […]

UK-Malaysia project to develop green data centres

A UK and Malaysian consortium aims to develop the next generation of green data centres. They will improve their sustainability by changing the way data centres are cooled with the help of innovative technologies. The consortium is made up of clean cold technology company Dearman, Green Data Centre, Heriot-­Watt University and University of Technology in […]

Shell to sell 51% share in Malaysian refining firm

Royal Dutch Shell is to sell 51% of its stake in its refining company in Malaysia. Hengyuan International Limited is to pay $66.3 million (£46.41m) for the oil giant’s shares in Shell Refining Company. The transaction is expected to be completed this year subject to regulatory approval. The company insists “Malaysia continues to be an […]

Malaysia to build £12m ‘green rubber’ plant in UK

A Malaysian company has announced plans to create a rubber recycling manufacturing facility in the UK. Petra Group is investing £12 million to produce what it calls “green rubber” in the North East. The project is expected to create up to 90 jobs. The announcement comes as Prime Minister David Cameron and businesses continue a […]