National crackdown on lorry emissions cheats starts in Britain

Vehicles with the cheat devices could produce up to 20 times more dangerous emissions

Cleanest lorries to pay less to use UK roads

Lorries that meet the latest Euro VI emissions standards will be eligible for a 10% reduction – falling from £1,000 to £900 – from February 2019

Hundreds of UK lorries found with emissions cheat devices

The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) has found hundreds of lorries fitted with devices to cheat road emissions data. Its four-month investigation between August and November last year stopped 3,735 lorries at random at five locations across Britain and found 293 lorries fitted with cheat devices. Cheat devices give false emissions readings which can […]

Self-driving lorries trial steers towards fuel savings

  A trial for self-driving lorries is expected to help slash fuel costs and congestion on UK roads. The £8.1 million “platooning” trial will see three heavy goods vehicles travelling in convoy, with acceleration and braking controlled by the lead vehicle and mirrored. However, all lorries in the platoon will always have a driver ready […]

Lorry emissions checks to start at the roadside

Roadside safety checks of lorries will soon include inspections to ensure they are not cheating vehicle emissions. From August, the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) will check “defeat devices” are not being used to hide emissions, targeting lorry drivers and operators who break the law. It comes as DVSA’s enforcement staff and their European […]

New EU rules for ‘greener and safer’ lorries

New rules for safer and more eco-friendly lorries have been approved by the European Parliament. The European Commission put forward the rules, which will allow manufacturers to develop more aerodynamic lorries which reduce fuel usage by 7% – 10% and cut greenhouse gas emissions. That could mean savings worth €5,000 (£3,565) every year in fuel […]

MEPs back safer, greener truck designs

European politicians are proposing to ease rules on trucks to boost safety and fuel savings. Yesterday MEPs on the EU’s Transport Committee put forward draft rules which would let designers change the bodywork of lorries. At the moment it is illegal to make trucks too long or weigh too much – but the rule change […]

£40m heavy duty vehicle energy project launched

The Energy Technologies Institute yesterday launched one of Europe’s largest heavy duty vehicle efficiency programmes. The £40m programme will look at increasing the efficiencies of shipping, heavy goods vehicles, construction and agricultural equipment by almost a third. Heavy duty vehicles currently contribute 8% of the UK’s overall CO2 emissions. The low carbon fuel options for […]