No reason why shipping and airlines ‘should not be taxed on carbon’

International shipping and airlines should be officially included in emissions laws, suggests a new report out today from the Committee on Climate Change (CCC), the Government’s independent climate advisers. At the moment, rules which govern carbon emissions don’t include the two industries. When the Climate Change Act became law in 2008, these were initially left out […]

Getting a new boiler? Get insulation too

Home owners replacing their boilers should also have to install efficiency measures like insulation, according to government climate advisers. Lord Adair Turner, Chairman of the Committee on Climate Change this week wrote to the Communities and Local Government department to ask for the two home improvements to be linked under new building laws. In a […]

Lord Turner steps down as Climate Committee chair

Lord Adair Turner is stepping down as Chair of the Committee on Climate Change (CCC) from spring 2012 to focus on his role as chair of the Financial Services Authority. Lord Turner has been Chair of the CCC, which advises government on tackling climate change, since it was set up in 2008. He led the […]

Climate change policies only add £110 to bills in a decade

Carbon emission cutting policies will only increase bills by £110 over the next nine years, according to the Government’s independent climate advisers. Instead the Committee on Climate Change (CCC) firmly lays the blame for recent jumps in household costs with rising wholesale gas prices in its analysis released today. Their findings appear to challenge scepticism […]