Blog: 12-hour power cuts? The nightmare norm in Nepal

I miss a lot of things living away from my home back in Nepal – the magnificent scenery, exquisite food, beautiful temples and my family. What I don’t miss however is the amount of ‘load shedding’ hours people there have to cope with. Load shedding is the term used when referring to a power cut. […]

Power outage rises to 80 hours a week in Nepal

Householders in Nepal are now facing power outages for 80 hours a week, a rise from the previous 63 hours. According to the latest schedule released by the Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA), there will be 11 hours of load shedding for four days a week and 12 hours for the remaining three days. That is […]

Blog: Growing up in the dark!

Do you ever feel someone or something is so precious to you but only realise it after they are gone? Not to sound too soppy or dramatic but in my opinion this does apply to energy. Well, electricity to be specific. Everyone knows it is crucial for everyday life. But I think you realise the […]