UK consumers ‘slashed CO2 emissions by 12% during pandemic so far’

A new report suggests emissions resulting from six key consumer spending categories were significantly lower than they were in the previous year

Lloyds Banking Group signed up to RE100, EP100 and EV100 initiatives

The firm has become the sixth organisation globally to join all three of the Climate Group’s sustainable schemes

Lloyds Banking Group pledges to halve carbon emissions it finances by 2030

The financier has estimated this will have an effect equivalent to removing the emissions produced by almost a quarter of UK homes

Skills shortage ‘biggest challenge’ in oil and gas sector

The oil and gas sector could create as many as 34,000 new jobs in the UK in the next two years, however, a skills shortage still remains the biggest challenge. That’s according to new research by Lloyds Banking Group, which claims around 77% of businesses in the oil and gas sector are planning for growth […]

Oil and gas firms predict major growth

The oil and gas industries are expecting serious growth in the next couple of years, according to a new report on the sector’s short term prospects from Lloyds Banking Group. Of the 100 top decision-makers surveyed, 75% expect to create new jobs in the next two years, with 28% aiming to recruit over 500 staff. […]

Lloyds eyes Australian renewables investments

Lloyds Banking Group has revealed it is poised to invest in renewable energy projects in Australia. The bank said this week that it may offer loans to wind and solar-powered projects. The Australian government has set aside a fund equivalent to £942m for renewable projects, and Lloyd’s plans to target this money. Other companies eyeing […]