‘Reducing 50% livestock production by 50% would save 30% of biodiversity loss’

A new study by startup Heura claims that 60% of all biodiversity loss can be traced back to livestock production

IFC and Carbon Trust agree to beef-up sustainability

A deal has been agreed to improve productivity and reduce emissions in Brazil’s beef industry. World Bank member IFC and sustainability experts Carbon Trust have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to support a major pilot programme to transform the resource efficiency of the sector and its supply chain. It is currently responsible for over […]

Cut down on meat, dairy to curb climate change, report says

Consumers may have to cut down on their dairy and meat consumption, else the 2°C climate target will be “off the table”, a new report suggests. The livestock sector accounts for a large chunk of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions – 14.5% of the global total, which is more than emissions from transportation across the world. […]