Innovate UK awards £1.5m for liquid air energy storage

Innovate UK has awarded an energy storage firm £1.5 million for a new hybrid version of its existing systems. Highview Power Storage, which develops storage solutions for utilities and distributed power systems, has been asked to modify its Liquid Air Energy Storage (LAES) product. The technology uses off-grid or surplus energy to compress and liquefy […]

World first ‘frozen air’ storage goes commercial

Generating energy from the air we breathe is now a step closer as the world’s first pilot plant for liquid energy storage (LAES) has been commercialised. Designed by a British firm, the new process has only been tested at the pilot plant in Slough but it could now spread after getting a vote of confidence […]

Is liquid air storage the answer to unreliable wind?

Engineers believe they have found an answer to the unreliability of wind power: liquid air storage. The Institution of Mechanical Engineers (Imeche) is unveiling the unique new British technology in London tomorrow. The Liquid Air Energy Storage (LAES) takes electricity from the grid at peak times, such as on windy days, and uses it to […]