Energy-generating bike helmet crashes onto the scene

POC has developed a helmet made from carbon-positive materials and able to convert both artificial and natural light to power

Innovative light tech lands £600k of new funding

Deciwatt aims to help improve energy access around the world using its NowLight, which allows its user to generate electricity by pulling on a cord

EU bans halogen bulbs in favour of greener LEDs

LEDs are more expensive in the short-term but cheaper over an extended period

Smart lampposts ‘could uncover savings worth €2.1bn’

The new public infrastructure could use up to 70% less energy than conventional units

New urinals can generate a wee bit of electricity

New urinals can power their own lighting by transforming urine into electricity. Researchers at the University of the West of England (UWE) have created the device to improve sanitation facilities in areas where there is limited electricity generation. The technology is based on microbial fuel cells, which decompose the urine, generating enough energy to power […]

Companies to have lamp recycling services for free

More businesses can now recycle their lamps for free. UK waste electrical and electronic equipment firm Recolight will offer this free of charge service to those which collect 1,000 or more lamps every three months. The firm has reduced the previous threshold companies needed to meet to get free of charge lamp recycling. It was 2,000 lamps. The Recolight free service includes […]

A bright idea for a power cut?

A lighting company showed ELN a bright way of not being left in the dark during blackouts. Following a recent power cut at the ELN headquarters – which was shared on Twitter – iViTi said its new technology, backed by the UK Government, could help the “light stay ON when the power’s gone”.   The […]

Charity bringing solar light to typhoon-hit Philippines

An Estonian charity is to install 2,000 makeshift solar lights in the Philippines. The region is still recovering from the super typhoon Haiyan. Figures released this week put the death toll from the natural disaster at nearly 6,000. The lights are made from recycled plastic bottles, filled with water and a little bleach to keep […]

Schneider Electric launches energy saving movement detector

Schneider Electric has launched a new range of presence and movement detectors which it claims can cut energy use by making sure lights are only turned on when they are needed. The Argus detectors can be used on their own or as part of a network of sensors, can be adjusted to turn lights on […]

Solar cell breaks world record for efficiency

The world record for solar cell efficiency has apparently been broken after a team of researchers created a cell (pictured) that can convert 44.7% of the energy in sunlight to electricity, by stacking materials that absorb different wavelengths of light on top of each other. The development was jointly announced by the Fraunhofer Institute for […]