Davey wants new suppliers to seize third of energy market

Energy Secretary Ed Davey hopes fledgling power suppliers will have a third of the UK’s customers by 2020. The Lib Dem minister is expected to make the remarks at the party’s annual conference in Glasgow today, when he will tout his role in shaking up the energy sector. Describing small energy firms as the “agents of […]

Nick Clegg: we’ll force Tories to stick to green promises

The Deputy Prime Minster Nick Clegg today said his party would force their Coalition colleagues to stick to promises about “going green”. In a speech at the Lib Dem conference in Brighton which will surely stoke government tensions over spending on renewable energy, Mr Clegg suggested using energy forms like wind, solar and tidal power […]

Protestors unite in ‘Global Frackdown’

Campaigners around the world joined protests against using shale gas over the weekend in what was dubbed a ‘Global Frackdown’. The anti-fracking action took place at the Lib Dem conference in the UK, Brussels in Belgium, at the foot of the Eiffel Tower in France’s capital city Paris, as well as Romania, Canada, the Czech […]

Green scepticism of Huhne crackdown

Ecotricity founder, Dale Vince, has criticised electricity regulator Ofgem for not acting on the Big Six. His comments come in response to today’s party conference speech by Energy Secretary Chris Huhne in which he vowed to get tougher with major suppliers. Mr Vince said:”The big six behave badly and everybody knows it. I’m sceptical Ofgem […]