Global coalition launches liability roadmap to make big polluters pay

Liability refers to using tools – legal, legislative, policy, cultural – to hold corporations and industries responsible for their roles in driving the climate crisis and undermining action to address it

EDF vows to "engineer out the risk" from nuclear

EDF Energy today stressed its nuclear safety credentials and vowed to “engineer out the risk” of an accident at its power stations. EDF, the biggest user of nuclear power in the UK among utility providers, was responding to the government’s move to increase seven-fold the liability payments that operators of nuclear installations must pay. Previously, […]

Government hikes up nuclear liability to £1bn

Operators of nuclear power stations will have to take on liability of £1bn for each of their sites in case of an accident – a seven-fold increase on the current level of £140m. The new liability figure was unveiled today by Energy Secretary Chris Huhne, who visited the proposed site of a new nuclear plant […]