Levi’s zips up anti-deforestation vow

Jean makers Levi Strauss & Co are following in the footsteps of online fashion brand ASOS and British retailer M&S by making an anti-deforestation pledge. Yesterday the clothing firm vowed to iron out all material which began life as a tree from endangered woodlands. Its part of a scheme called Fashion Loved By Forest run by not-for-profit group […]

Levi’s ditch ‘toxic’ chemicals from supply chain

Classic jeans brand Levi’s has pledge to eliminate ‘toxic’ discharge of chemicals from its factories after public pressure, campaigners at Greenpeace said. The American denim maker has committed to clean up its supply chain by 2020. It will begin requiring 15 of its largest suppliers in China, Mexico and elsewhere to disclose pollution data as […]

Levi’s make jeans with recycled bottles

Skinny or straight cut, Levi’s is now making jeans out of recycled bottles. The American brand’s new collection of denim uses roughly eight plastic bottles or food trays per pair – or a minimum of 20% recycled content. In total the collection will re-use 3.5 million recycled bottles. Both men and women will be able […]

Microsoft and Starbucks share money-saving climate change tips

Microsoft and Starbucks are some of the big brands adding their business tips on saving money while adapting to climate change to a new UN-led online database. Other multinationals to share their “success stories” about making profits or savings – or preventing losses – with adaptation-related projects include Levi’s, Nestléand Coca-Cola, according to the UN […]