Osborne’s tax sweetener to ‘reassure fracking is profitable’

The Chancellor is offering “sweetheart” tax deals to the industry just to reassure them that fracking will be profitable. That’s the view of environmental group Greenpeace, which suggests the Chancellor is telling “anyone who will listen” that shale gas exploration in the UK is set to be an economic miracle. The comment follows the 30% […]

Government pledges ‘responsible development’ for shale gas

The Government has revealed it is creating a set of “robust regulation” to speed up shale gas development in the country. Speaking at the first meeting of the new All Parliamentary Group for Unconventional Gas & Oil (APPG) in the House of Commons today, Energy Minister Michael Fallon (pictured) confirmed more than 300 licences for […]

George Osborne ‘undermined’ future green technologies

The Chancellor has “undermined” the clean energy market by announcing tax breaks for fossil fuels and ignoring green technologies of the future. That’s the view of environmental groups who criticised George Osborne’s announcement yesterday as a “20th century budget for a 21st century economy”. David Nussbaum, Chief Executive of WWF-UK said: “This Chancellor’s budget was […]

Will Centrica boss do a Hester and waive bonus?

Campaigners are calling for Centrica’s chief executive to give up his bonus after criticising him for lining his “bulging pockets” at the expense of ordinary householders. Greenpeace want Sam Laidlaw to waive his bonus like Stephen Hester, the boss of taxpayer-bailed out bank RBS, who recently gave up one million-pound’s worth of shares under pressure […]