New nuclear build will lock consumers into higher energy bills

The Government’s plans for new nuclear power stations in the UK will lead to consumers facing higher energy bills for many more years to come. That’s the view of environmental groups following the approval yesterday for EDF Energy to construct a new nuclear plant at Hinkley Point in Somerset. They are urging the Government to […]

Government delays decision on aviation emissions

The UK Government’s decision on whether to include international aviation and shipping emissions in the carbon budget has been delayed to 2016. The news follows the European Commission’s proposal last month to suspend international aspects of the aviation EU Emissions Trading Scheme. This was to allow the International Civil Aviation Organisation work towards developing a […]

Cameron’s decision on gas ‘extremely reckless’

The Prime Minister questioning whether the UK really needs a decarbonisation target and letting Ministers “gamble” the energy future on a dash for gas is “extremely reckless”. That’s the view of environmental group Friends of the Earth, commenting on David Cameron’s evidence session yesterday about the future of UK policy and the “green Government”. Mr […]

Labour stokes green spending fears

Labour leader Ed Miliband yesterday taunted David Cameron with new figures which show the amount of money invested in the UK’s renewable energy sector has dropped since the Coalition came to power. While the Prime Minister is at EU talks in Brussels threatening to veto more European spending, the Labour leader highlighted his government’s failure […]

Including aviation and shipping in Climate Act a ‘no-brainer’

The UK Government should include aviation and shipping in the Climate Change Act as it is a “no-brainer”. That’s the view of environmental group WWF, commenting after the Energy and Climate Change Committee warned the Government that the exclusion would not help avoid global temperature rises of 2°C. The Committee said this could “water down” […]

PM must “step in and prove” he wants greenest Government

The Prime Minister must now “step in and prove” he wants to lead the greenest Government ever. That’s the view of environmental group WWF and follows the Climate Change Committee’s (CCC) letter released today highlighting concerns about the UK Government’s plans for more investment in gas. The Committee warned this could breach the Climate Change […]

Government’s wind decision ‘common sense’

The UK Government’s announcement yesterday on onshore wind support makes “common sense”, said WWF. The environmental charity welcomed the news of a 10% reduction in subsidies for onshore wind but questioned why it took so long to decide. Keith Allott, Head of Climate Change at WWF-UK said: “This is a common sense decision by DECC […]

Government’s claim to be the greenest is an “empty boast”

The claim to be the greenest Government ever looks like an “increasingly empty boast”, according to WWF. Their comments come as a report by the Committee on Climate Change showed concerns about the UK’s challenge to meet its carbon targets. Keith Allott, Head of Climate Change at WWF-UK said the Government risks letting the Climate […]

Greens criticise IEA gas report

An International Energy Association (IEA) report depicting the imminent ‘golden age of gas’ has been met with a mixed reception from green groups. Speaking at its launch in London earlier, IEA Executive Director Maria van der Hoeven said: “The technology and the know-how already exist for unconventional gas to be produced in an environmentally acceptable […]

Emissions rise in UK should be ‘wake up call’

Environmental charity WWF-UK says the first rise in emissions in the UK for a decade should be a huge “wake up call” to the Government. Today DECC released figures which show greenhouse gas emissions went up 3%, with the increase driven by household energy use. If the UK is to hit legally binding targets, it […]