Scottish island to receive electricity for 24 hours for the first time ever!

Fair Isle, currently home to 55 people, has only had access to power between 7.30am and 11.30pm until now

Remote island goes green with solar grid

A remote island in American Samoa has adopted renewable power. Ta’u has installed solar panels, battery storage and a 1.4MW micro-grid to supply nearly 100% of its energy needs. The island’s 600 residents previously relied on diesel generators to produce electricity, which were expensive, noisy and unreliable. Homes, schools, hospital and businesses grew used to rationing power until their next shipment of fuel and often suffered inconvenient power outages. The […]

Water tanks end Devon island’s drought

South West Water have sent four 900 litre tanks of water to an island off Devon during a shortage. The three mile-long Lundy island in the Bristol Channel is reliant on rainfall for its water supplies and recent dry weather has reduced availability. There are water restrictions in place and everyone is urged to use […]

Climate change could make Tuvalu disappear

The prime minister of the world’s fourth smallest nation has appealed for help from European leaders to stop it disappearing  due to climate change. On a recent visit to Brussels, Prime Minister of Tuvalu, Enele Spoaga called on EU leaders for support ahead of the next UN climate change summit in Paris this December. The […]

Malta hunts for spaces to put solar farms

The sun-blessed island of Malta is looking to make the most of its natural resources by kick-starting a solar farm policy. Officials at the Malta Environment and Planning Authority (MEPA) are working on plans with the Ministry for Energy and Conservation of Water. Space for large scale solar farms on precious agricultural land is clearly […]