Former FTSE 250 oil chiefs banned from running companies

They failed to declare personal interests in a number of high-value transactions

Fraudulent firms’ £3.5m carbon credit scams

The management teams of two companies running carbon credit scams have been banned from trading. The disqualifications follow an Insolvency Service investigation into their fraudulent selling of voluntary emission reductions (VERs), a type of carbon credit, to members of the public as an investment. Both companies lied about the nature of the VERs they were selling, which are intended to be retired by businesses or individuals to […]

Green company boss disqualified for carbon credits scam

An acting director of a green company has been disqualified for 13 years for his actions. He sold duplicated carbon credits and tried to cover it up, according to the Insolvency Service. John Coates, although not formally appointed a director of Green Deal Advice 247 Limited in Lancashire, was the dominant driving force. He was […]

Carbon credit network shut down over £36m boiler room scam

A major network which sold carbon credits to the public for investment has been shut down. According to the Insolvency Service, a total of 19 companies were involved in a boiler room scam, selling “well over” five million carbon credits to the public for more than £36 million. A carbon credit is a certificate or […]

Carbon credit company director disqualified

A carbon credit company’s director has been penalised with a 15-year disqualification for an investment scam. Acording to the Insolvency Service, Young Erumuse from the London Carbon Credit Company Limited (LCCCL) sold carbon credits as an investment when the company had no genuine secondary resale market. He also failed to maintain, preserve or deliver company […]