Temporary water ban confirmed following a very dry March

Temporary bans on water usage have been confirmed following a warm and dry month and will come into effect from Thursday. South East Water had initially put forward concessions to allow watering newly laid turf for 28 days and also to let over 65s use a hosepipe for watering the garden. But following a very […]

Climate what? I’ve got cash to burn!

People would care more about trees if money grew on them. A new piece of research from the UK Energy Research Centre has found people care less about the environment during times of recession. However, the findings do suggest people are more likely to be concerned if there is a financial gain to be made. […]

£1bn savings from cutting green tape

Unnecessary environmental regulation is to be scrapped and could save UK business £1 billion over five years. This is according to DEFRA, which launched a ‘Red Tape Challenge’ last year. Announcing the results of DEFRA’s study, the Environment Secretary maintained cuts would not distract the department from its goals. Caroline Spelman said: “I want to […]

"21st century drinking water" delivered to Edinburgh

Edinburgh received its new water supply last week following a £130 million investment on a high quality water project. Scottish Water claims the investment will supply clean and efficient “21st century drinking water” to up to 450,000 customers across the city. David Birrell, Edinburgh’s Chamber of Commerce Chief Executive said: “The delivery of high quality […]

Drought conditions mean public has to step up

Water companies are putting their faith in the public that they won’t overuse their water supply over the coming weeks. A hosepipe ban was officially announced yesterday for the Easter weekend, but some want the utilities to reduce their waste. Adam Kingdon, CEO of i20 Water told ELN: “The drought conditions are very worrying. Unless […]

Hosepipe ban announced for April 5th

Seven English water companies have announced a hosepipe ban will come into force in the south east before the Easter holiday begins. The UK has faced extremely dry conditions over the last two years meaning a drought in the south is likely. The temporary usage ban will begin on April 5th. Rob Varley, operations director […]

Scottish Water faces questions from water watchdog

A Scottish water provider faces questions from the water watchdog about its relationship with a private insurance firm. Thousands of customers received letters in Scottish Water branded envelopes, which contained sales pitches made by private insurer, HomeServe. Consumer Focus Scotland said that public bodies, such as Scottish Water, should not be seen to favour one […]

Water white paper could put off investors

Leading provider of credit ratings, Moody’s Investor Services, say changes to the way price limits are set in the UK have the potential to increase credit risk in the UK water sector. Regulator Ofwat published a consultation document in November 2011 describing how it might set price limits from the start of the next regulatory […]

Global Carbon Project launches its first UK office

An international project aimed to develop a complete picture of the global carbon cycle has opened its first UK office at the University of East Anglia. The Global Carbon Project (GCP) provides up-to-date scientific data of carbon emissions and helps provide better estimates of global carbon budgets. The UK office located within the Tyndall Centre […]

£4 million investment for UK water industry

The UK water industry will see an investment of up to £4 million in studies, research and development projects to encourage innovation in the industry. The investment aims to support “step-change innovations” that will help tackle future UK and overseas water security challenges. This could be a product, process, service or business that has the […]