‘Richest 1% generate more than double the total emissions of the poorest half of the world’

The richest 10% accounted for more than half of all emissions generated between 1990 and 2015, according to a new report

Millions of households ‘forced to choose between heating and eating’

That’s according to new research from uSwitch, released to draw attention to Fuel Poverty Awareness Day today – it notes 3.4 million UK households are in fuel poverty

Siemens pilots virtual power plant project in Finland

Its software intelligently balances electrical loads from buildings that have been connected in a microgrid, incorporating renewable energy and battery storage

Putting energy waste to Bedford

A UK council expects to save nearly £2,000 in energy costs and generate an income of more than £6,000 every year by investing in green energy. The first stage of a £1.7 million RE:FIT project for Bedford Borough Council included the installations of 212 PV panels on the roof of its car park. Contractor for […]

Fuel poverty gap rises to £438 for households in England

Householders struggling with energy costs face a gap of £438 between their bill and what they can afford to pay – largely due to a rise in energy prices, the Government has revealed. The figure – an increase of almost £200 a decade ago – was calculated by DECC based on 2011 statistics under the […]

Income spent more on fuel than rent every month

People in the UK are spending more on fuel than their rent every month, according to FairFuelUK. The organisation fighting for lower fuel prices was seen protesting alongside hundreds of supporters outside Parliament last week to encourage the Government to reduce fuel duty in the UK. According to FairFuel Campaign Leader, Quentin Willson, consumers are […]