BrewDog offers company equity in return for can-recycling efforts

The company says its new sustainability strategy aims to ensure it has ‘a planet to make beer for in the future’

‘Less than a tenth of UK CEOs have financial incentive to go green’

New research from the Vlerick Business School suggests firms should consider introducing bonuses that reward sustainable behaviours and successes

Indonesia hops aboard plastic cleanup with bus bottle scheme

Surabaya’s recycling incentive scheme allows trash to be traded for tickets

Lloyds banks on zero emission driving with £1m fund

Both domestic customers and businesses will be offered £1,000 towards the cost of EVs leased from its vehicle leasing arm

Uber announces cash incentives for electric cabbies in the US

The ride-sharing and taxi app said it aims to cut the number of vehicles on the road and reduce transportation’s climate footprint

‘Next generation’ offshore wind cables competition

A new competition worth up to £300,000 to fast track the development of “next generation” 66 kiloVolt (kV) cables for the offshore wind industry has been launched. It is part of the Carbon Trust’s Offshore Wind Accelerator (OWA) initiative, which aims to move the sector away from using 33kV cables. OWA developers, which includes DONG […]

Green Deal should provide incentives for UK businesses

The Government should make sure the Green Deal provides incentives for UK businesses too or the scheme could be a “false dawn”. That’s the view of the British Chambers of Commerce which represents more than 100,000 businesses in the UK. Its comment follows the Government’s announcement of a cashback scheme as part of the Green […]