Toyota to roll out 3,700 green vehicles for Tokyo 2020 Olympics

Its preliminary calculations suggest emissions will average less than 80g/km when compared to a similar sized fleet of mostly conventional petrol and diesel models

Sheffield Hallam Uni to trial hydrogen vans

Sheffield Hallam University is to trial hydrogen-fuelled vans this year as part of its plans to become greener. It is partnering with ITM Power which has a site on the Advanced Manufacturing Park that uses wind energy to break down water into hydrogen and oxygen. The vans will use the hydrogen to travel around campus, […]

Toyota to launch hydrogen EVs in UK

Toyota is to launch its latest car model – a hydrogen-powered electric vehicle (EV) – in the UK. The Toyoto Mirai costs £66,000 and can travel 300 miles, the company claims. The hydrogen gas is stored inside the car in a tank, air is sucked in through the vents in the front and the oxygen is […]