‘Forget green concerns, fracking won’t work in UK’

The UK’s geology isn’t suitable for effective fracking. That’s according to scientists at Scotland’s Heriot-Watt University, who say this issue will create much more of a roadblock for the controversial practice than the environmental concerns often used to argue against it. Many proponents of fracking say it would improve the UK’s energy security and reliability […]

INEOS eyes shale gas reserves in Nottinghamshire

A Swiss petrochemicals firm has confirmed it will look for shale gas reserves in the East Midlands. INEOS has formally notified Nottinghamshire County Council of its plans to undertake 3D seismic surveys across the region over the next six months. The scans will help INEOS gain a better understanding of the geology and rock formations below the […]

Fracking wells provide two thirds of US gas production

Natural gas production from hydraulic fractured wells now make up about two thirds of total US gas generation. Its share is greater than that of crude oil produced using that method, according to the Energy Information Administration (EIA). Often combined with horizontal drilling, fracking involves forcing liquid, primarily water, under high pressure from a wellbore […]

'Frackers' need a lot of water, worries DECC

The vast amount of water used for hydraulic fracking has been highlighted by DECC as one of its main environmental concerns over shale gas in extraction in the UK. The department today kicked off its consultation period for the 14th onshore oil and gas licensing round – releasing a regulatory roadmap for potential frackers as […]

Support for fracking 'grows' in Blackpool and West Lancashire'

Support for fracking has increased in and around Blackpool near Cuadrilla Resource’s Bowland Basin license area, according to a survey commissioned by the firm. The phone poll of 500 people in Blackpool, Fylde and West Lancashire by Britain Thinks found 57% supported or strongly supported shale gas extraction, up from 50% in December 2012 and […]

French fracking ban upheld by constitutional court

A 2011 law banning fracking in France has been upheld by the country’s constitutional court. Judges ruled the law is a valid means of protecting the environment, saying it does “comply with the constitution” and is not “disproportionate”. The case was brought before the court by US company Schuepbach Energy, which had two exploration permits […]

US researchers test groundwater as fracking spreads into Ohio

A team of researchers from the University of Cincinnati have been testing groundwater in Ohio’s Carroll County (pictured) ahead of shale gas drilling that’s expected to spread into the area over the next few years. The team took samples from 25 wells in the county every three to four months for a year. The samples […]

‘Overreliance on gas incompatible with tackling climate change’

Green campaigners have said a reliance on gas from hydraulic fracturing will not help the UK tackle climate change. That was in response to a speech by Energy Secretary Ed Davey following today’s release of a DECC report into the potential emissions of shale gas obtained through fracking. The Energy Secretary said gas is a […]

‘I wouldn’t be too worried about fracking under my house’

Never mind earthquakes – a top geologist has told reporters at a scientific briefing held by DECC it’s actually climate change which should be the issue that decides the fracking debate. The briefing is part of an effort from the DECC to demystify the process of shale gas extraction after a month of attention-grabbing anti-fracking […]

Activists chain themselves to fracking site with bike locks

Protestors chained themselves to a site in Chesterfield in the early hours of the morning in protest against the controversial hydraulic fracturing or ‘fracking’ process used to extract shale gas. Twenty members of the group Frack Off targeted a site owned by PR Marriott, a contractor for shale gas firm Cuadrilla Resources which is drilling […]