3.8 million green cars sold a year by 2020?

Drivers around the world could be buying 3.8million electric and hybrid cars every year according to a new report. Although the slow take-up of the vehicles has forced some to scoff at the idea of a road revolution, American researchers believe high petrol prices will change this by the end of the decade. Dave Hurst, […]

Emergency services should train for electric car crashes

Emergency services workers should be trained to cope with accidents involving hybrid and electric vehicles (EVs), believes an international car body. SAE International which is based in the United States has published a technical standard with recommendations for emergency personnel, such as bigger car labels or learning how to disable the circuits. Hybrid cars and […]

Green car registrations rocket in July

The number of new green cars on the road has jumped this month according to a trade body’s new figures which show a wider trend of car registrations going up in July. The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders said the number of alternative fuel vehicles registered rose by almost half – with a big […]

NASA hosts futuristic flight competition

US space agency NASA is hosting a competition to find the fuel efficient aircraft of the future. Five teams will compete in the 2011 Green Flight Challenge to bag $1.65 million (£1m) in prize money. The planes can be electric, biofuel or hybrid powered. To win, an aircraft must fly 200 miles in less than […]