Fiat Chrysler granted €800m financing for EVs in Italy

The European Investment Bank is supporting the development of battery electric vehicles as well as plug-in hybrids

Ban on new petrol and diesel vehicle sales brought forward to 2035

The new goal is five years earlier than previously planned and will include hybrid vehicles for the first time

Record year of sales for low emission vehicles in 2019

Despite a huge increase in demand for battery electric vehicles, their market share is still small at 1.6%

EV charging infrastructure
New record for battery EV registrations in August

Zero emission cars saw the biggest percentage growth last month – up 377.5% to 3,147 units

Bump in the road for low emission cars as sales drop

The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders says efforts to sell green cars have been undermined by ‘confusing policies’ and the ‘premature’ removal of incentives

Mercedes-Benz targets carbon neutral fleet by 2039

It also aims to ensure hybrids or EVs make up more than 50% of its car sales by 2030

Car industry warns ‘anti-diesel agenda’ hinders falling emissions progress

The UK has seen carbon emissions from the automotive industry fall for the 19th consecutive year but the “anti-diesel agenda” could halt progress. The warning from the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) comes as it believes the current agenda is driving more consumers to choose petrol vehicles, making it harder to meet emissions […]

The revolution in green driving

  Are we heading towards an electric car revolution or are there challenges that’s hindering the industry’s growth? What role is innovation playing? ELN Chief Reporter Priyanka Shrestha talks to manufacturers and industry experts to find out.

FirstGroup orders ‘green’ buses for UK roads

Transport business FirstGroup has put in an order for hundreds of ‘greener’ buses to use around the UK. It is spending £70 million on 425 new vehicles including six electric buses and 274 hybrid models to join its routes in cities like Manchester (pictured). These diesel hybrids – called ‘StreetLite Micro Hybrid’ buses – are […]

Ministerial cars to go electric?

Government ministers could be whizzing around Westminster in electric cars if rumours are to be believed. Members of the Cabinet are keen to set an example for the rest of the public sector, an unnamed Whitehall source told the Evening Standard. The source said: “Why shouldn’t the ministerial car fleet become one of the first […]