Could magnets in MRI scanners unlock the key to generating more wind energy?

A team of GE engineers has been awarded additional funding to apply decades of healthcare experience to develop a more powerful superconducting generator for offshore wind turbines

Novo Nordisk achieves 100% renewable power goal

The global healthcare company has now set a new target of achieving zero carbon emissions from all operations and transport by 2030

Total extends support to French healthcare sector during covid-19 crisis

The energy firm will provide healthcare staff with €50m gasoline vouchers

Bupa boosts planet’s health by cutting emissions

Global healthcare specialists Bupa has upped its green credentials by cutting carbon emissions. It reduced emissions by 23% by the end of last year compared to its 2009 baseline. The achievement follows the establishment of an Energy Saver Fund in 2015, which supported more than 950 low carbon and renewable projects at its facilities across […]

Healthcare provider prescribes green energy

One of the largest not-for-profit healthcare providers in the US has announced it is investing in renewable energy projects. Kaiser Permanente aims to generate as much as half of the electricity it uses in California from green energy sources. It will buy power from a 110MW solar plant in Riverside County and a 43MW wind […]

Hospitals to scrub up their ‘green’ plans

British hospitals have new guidelines to go green including cutting carbon emissions from making medicines and sending far fewer inhalers to landfill. Yesterday the Sustainable Development Unit, the body tasked with helping the healthcare sector cut 34% of its emissions by 2020, released broad plans to target five areas for improvement. The Sustainable Development Strategy […]

NHS Trust challenges £35k energy overcharge

An NHS Trust in Lanarkshire was overcharged £35,089 on its energy bill. The Trust discovered the huge mistake after switching energy supplier. The large sum had mounted up on a series of bills and was only noticed after reviewing final meter readings and meter readings from the new supplier. Electricity can make up more than […]

Energy firms pay water least attention despite higher risks

Energy firms pay least attention to their water management despite reporting the highest level of risk from them, according to a major poll of global firms including utilities, energy firms, IT, industrial and healthcare organisations. Just 36% of energy firms said that someone had oversight for water strategies on their board. The report released by […]