UK second largest market for new offshore wind installations

Globally, an additional 200GW of new offshore wind energy capacity is forecast to be added by 2030

Vietnam to install 1GW of wind energy by 2021

Around 327MW of onshore and offshore wind capacity has been installed so far

Winds of change: New global initiative to empower women

Women currently make up only 22% of the global workforce

Americas installed almost 12GW of wind capacity in 2018

That’s a 12% rise from the previous year, taking the total capacity to 135GW

Shell joins Global Wind Energy Council

The organisation expects the wind industry to grow to 841GW in 2022

Wind to supply 20% of global electricity by 2030

Wind power is expected to supply 20% of global electricity demand by 2030. That’s according to a report by the Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC) which stated wind generation will reach 2,110GW during the same period. It means the sector could attract an investment worth around €200 billion (£178bn) and create 2.4 million new jobs […]

China installed half of new wind capacity globally in 2015

China installed almost half of new wind capacity globally last year. It constructed 30GW out of 63GW of new capacity worldwide, figures from the Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC) revealed. It added the Asian country accounts for 145.1GW of total wind capacity, overtaking the EU which has 141.6GW. China’s drive for clean energy is supported by continuous […]

India has potential for 89GW wind capacity by 2020

India could see around 5MW of new wind capacity installed every year, hitting 89GW by 2020 but it depends on the Government’s policies. It could help the country attract around $16.5 billion (£10.2bn) of annual investment, create 179,000 jobs and save 179 tons of carbon emissions every year, according to a new report by the […]

UK maintains lead position in offshore wind

The UK has maintained its position as the world leader in offshore wind, according to a new report. The Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC) said the UK installed more than 2,000MW of wind power last year in a total of 3,813MW of installation, which accounted for around 9% of the European market. The report showed […]