Guest Blog: Mervyn Bowden – It’s so hot but can I afford to be cool ?…

Whilst both the UK and many parts of the US bake in steamy temperatures maybe it’s time to look at the impact of weather on energy. Let’s be starkly clear that schemes like the Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC) completely ignore the impact of weather on kWhrs used by companies who are saddled with the tax. […]

Guest Blog: Mervyn Bowden – TELCAs could have new style entrants next year

Now that the dust has settled after the great TELCA event which surely sets new standards for awards in the energy sector I’d like to add my congratulations and thanks, amongst all the other plaudits they’ve received, to the team at ELN who put a fantastic amount of effort into making the whole thing a […]

Guest Blog – Mervyn Bowden: Where should energy sit?….

Where in your organisation should the energy function sit? This isn’t quite as daft a question as it may sound first time around when you consider the large number of variant functions within “energy” functions – from complex risk management processes to, literally, changing light-bulbs (energy efficient ones of course!). I’ve seen energy functions reporting […]

Guest Blog: Mervyn Bowden – don’t demolish your supplier!

What do you want from an energy efficiency services supplier or renewables installer? Sounds like a simple and straightforward question but, as you’ll find later, there are lots of sub-plots as always…. One thing I find truly depressing is news of yet more longstanding, reputable companies being wound up. Notably brought home by Farebrothers of […]

Guest Blog – Mervyn Bowden: Budgeting for energy is in your hands

It’s that time of year for putting your budgets together….. Certainly if your financial year starts in April, in line with the fiscal year, you’re probably now pulling your thoughts together on how much of your organisation’s cash you’d like to/are going to spend next year. Other than the “essential” spending categories within opex, like […]