UK Government ‘must catch up with new tech and their impact on power grid’

  The UK Government has not yet caught up with how technologies are evolving and the impact they could have on the electricity grid. That’s according to a new report by Green Alliance, which states the power system is not prepared for the growing number of consumers choosing to buy small scale technologies like electric […]

UK renewables investment ‘to fall 95% in three years’

The UK saw a £1.1 billion fall in investment in renewable energy projects in the past six months. That’s according to new analysis from Green Alliance, which claims investment in wind, solar, biomass and waste to energy projects will decline by 95% between 2017 and 2020. It warns the “cliff edge” needs to be avoided […]

Green Alliance: Energy subsidies to triple to support inefficient power plants

Public money in the next Capacity Market auction, which aims to ensure the UK has sufficient capacity to meet demand, will be used in supporting old and inefficient power plants. That’s according to think tank Green Alliance which claims the government will expand the auction to ensure new large-scale Combined Cycle Gas Turbines (CCGT) power plants win […]

Government urged to support renewables in Budget

Investing in renewable energy generation rather than the government’s current low carbon energy policy could help the UK save around £420 million between 2020 and 2025. That’s according to a report from Green Alliance which added a low carbon generation gap of 20TWh could be created as a result of the current regulations. The ‘Beyond […]

UK ‘needs shift from old energy infrastructure mentality’

The UK needs to shift from an old energy infrastructure mentality to a new one. That’s according to Amy Mount, Senior Policy Advisor at Green Alliance. Ms Mount, who spoke at a national energy seminar in central London this week called the new approach ‘Infrastructure 2.0’. She added: “This shift has, as far as I can […]

Scotland ‘not on track to reach low carbon goals’

Scotland is not on track to achieve its low carbon ambitions. That’s according to a new report by environmental charity Green Alliance. It states future progress is hindered by current infrastructure. The report claims Scotland is also not on track to meet its target of  80% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. It adds it is […]

Ed Balls backs warning on threat to green spending

Ed Balls is backing calls for the Government to stop “dithering” on its support for low carbon targets if it is to avoid losing billions of pounds of green investment. The Shadow Chancellor’s comments come as research by think tank Green Alliance shows £180 billion of new infrastructure investment, the same as 12% of GDP, […]

UK calls for 50% EU emissions cut but rejects renewables target

The UK Government wants the EU to commit itself to reducing carbon emissions by 50% by 2030 but said it would oppose any renewables target. Energy Secretary Ed Davey called for the tough new emissions goal in an effort to tackle climate change by decarbonising the EU economy. He wants Brussels to halve emissions on […]

Do you live in a green power city?

Do you live in a green power city? Eight core cities across the country are pushing forward the Government’s low carbon ambitions, new research suggests. Faye Scott, who wrote the “Green cities” report for Green Alliance, looked at the deals done between the Government and these cities to pull the UK out of recession – and […]

Energy efficiency could cut bills by £10bn

The Government should encourage energy efficiency as it could cut bills by £10 billion a year. That’s according to a new report by environmental groups Green Alliance and WWF, which claims effective measures to reduce electricity use could cut 40% of the demand by 2030. They suggest the Government should create a “market” for electricity […]