UK generates ‘second-highest amount of e-waste per person in the world’

Almost a quarter of electronic devices and electrical appliances sold in the UK do not meet current standards for energy efficiency, according to a new report

VAT subsidy on domestic gas ‘mostly benefits wealthier households’

The government is being urged to end the 5% VAT rate on domestic heating fuels and redistribute the revenues to help those on low incomes to heat their homes

New tracker to judge effectiveness of UK’s policies and investments to cut carbon

The Green Alliance warns the UK is off track in meeting its fourth and fifth carbon budgets and will struggle to reach its 2050 net zero goal with current policies

Wasted energy ‘costing businesses £60m a year in unnecessary bills’

Energy wasted by offices in the City of London could be used to power more than 65,000 homes, new research suggests

Picture of scrabble letters on a table and the word response
UK net zero carbon emissions target: Responses

Prime Minister Theresa May’s announcement follows recent advice from the Committee on Climate Change

New taskforce to focus on smart tech to boost business resource efficiency

Its core mission is to address the regional productivity gap in the UK

Post-Brexit trade signals ‘ominous for low carbon sector’

The future of the UK’s low carbon sector is at risk from post-Brexit trade strategies. That’s according to think-tank Green Alliance, which says the government is likely to place equal importance on trade with the EU and other countries such as the US or China. However, Green Alliance says the UK must prioritise economic alignment with […]

Green investment delays could cost UK consumers £2.6bn

Consumers could end up paying £2.6 billion more per year in 2025 without faster deployment of renewable energy. That’s according to new research from Green Alliance, which says the government is not following through on its earlier progress and policy since 2015 has delayed commitment of the final 5% support needed. It adds the government […]

UK ‘risks higher energy bills without EU co-operation post-Brexit’

The UK must continue to collaborate with the EU on energy and climate policies post-Brexit if it is to keep bills down. Think tank Green Alliance warns failure to co-operate with the EU after the UK leaves the region will “unnecessarily complicate” the nation’s emissions reductions and consumers could be hit by an increase in […]

Metro mayors urged to make UK cities green

A coalition of environmental organisations is calling on incoming metro mayors to take urgent action to green their cities. The call from groups, including the National Trust, Green Alliance and the Campaign for Better Transport, comes as England’s first ever metro mayors are being elected in six city regions today ahead of the general election. […]