Lowering air pollution levels by 20% ‘could improve children’s ability to learn by one month per year’

At least 500,000 children are exposed to levels of air pollution that would affect working memory, according to a report

Keeping air pollution at lockdown levels could ‘halve number of children with poor lung function’

The reduction in air pollution seen during the country-wide lockdown led to a decrease in asthma attacks in children, according to a new report

Commuter hotspots in London recorded up to 50% drop in air pollution during lockdown

It also suggests 80% of Londoners would like to work remotely after lockdown to some extent and 73% of Londoners are happier not dealing with rush hour

New initiative could save NHS £35m on energy bills

The NHS could save as much as £35 million on its energy bills through a new behaviour change initiative. Called Operation TLC, the “nudge” project encourages nurses, doctors and hospital staff to take three simple actions – turn off unused equipment, switch off lights and close hospital doors to help reduce excessive heat and noise, […]