EV battery gigafactory in Poland granted €250m

The €2.8bn LG Chem facility in Wrocław is expected to have a total production capacity of around 65GWh to 70GWh a year by 2022

Volkswagen invests $1bn in Swedish battery firm Northvolt

A 50/50 joint venture will see the companies build a 16GWh battery gigafactory in Germany

EU backs battery gigafactory in Sweden

Northvolt’s giant facility will produce 32GWh worth of battery capacity annually once completed

Government pledges £28m for Coventry EV battery centre

The UK Battery Industrialisation Centre will provide testing facilities for new battery technologies

Tesla’s Gigafactory to be 100% solar by end of the year

The facility is designed to feature a 70MW solar array on its roof

Tesla’s Gigafactory starts mass-producing batteries

Tesla’s Gigafactory has started mass production of its lithium-ion batteries. The start of operations at the massive plant in Nevada is an important moment for Tesla and its partner Panasonic as a delay in battery production could have proved a chokepoint for the roll-out of the new ‘Model 3’ electric vehicles (EV), ‘Powerwall 2’ home energy […]

NY to invest $750m in giant solar factory

The state of New York has pledged to invest millions of dollars towards the construction of a giant solar factory. The GigaFactory, which will be located in the city of Buffalo, will manufacture solar panels and is expected to create more than 3,000 jobs. Governor Andrew M. Cuomo announced the state would invest $750 million […]

Tesla picks Nevada to host EV battery Gigafactory

Car manufacturer Tesla has confirmed its giant electric vehicles battery ‘Gigafactory’ will be built in Nevada, US. The 456,000 square metre facility is expected to produce enough batteries for 500,000 Tesla cars every year. The plant – expected to cost between $4 billion (£2.5bn) to $5 billion (£3bn) – will be a “net zero energy […]

Panasonic and Tesla plan electric car battery factory

Japanese electric goods giant Panasonic is to build an electric car battery factory in the United States with Tesla Motors. Yesterday they signed an agreement on the Gigafactory which will manufacture cylindrical lithium-ion cells. By 2020 a planned workforce of 6,500 people could be churning out 35GWh worth of cells and 50GWh of packs each year. […]