Ofgem asks for level playing field for generators

There should be a level playing field for all generators, says Ofgem. The regulator has said it is concerned about specific payments that generators receive from suppliers, for helping them to reduce the biggest element of the electricity transmission charges they face at peak times. According to Ofgem, generators connected to the high-voltage transmission network and […]

More power to the individual?

A new energy market that gives more power to the individual could be emerging, the CEO and founder of Good Energy has told ELN. In an interview at the Energy UK conference yesterday Juliet Davenport said: “We have around 35,000 customers but we also have 55,000 small renewable generators and actually we see a very […]

E.ON to invest 250 million euro in new hydroelectric station

E.ON is set to invest 250 million euro in a new hydroelectric station in Germany. The new generator requires low maintenance, has a long service life and robust design and includes a 300 megawatts pump turbine. Dr. Ingo Luge, chairman of E.ON Germany said: “Pumped storage power stations can efficiently store surplus energy and are […]