Gender imbalance in the top tier of UK energy sector continues

Only 11 companies of the total 80 surveyed, met the criteria of having 30% female occupancy at board level

UN: Gender equality crucial to tackling climate change

Successful action on climate change depends on the engagement of women as stakeholders and planners. That’s according to the UN, which believes women and girls play a “crucial role” in the fight against climate change – such involvement could range from the role of women in building resilience against natural disasters to being key agents […]

Women in nuclear fight for industry gender balance

Women from across the nuclear industry met at a global event to fight for gender balance in the sector this week. They took part in the 23rd Women in Nuclear (WiN) Global Annual Conference in Austria. Women in Nuclear aims to address the industry’s gender balance, improve the representation of women in leadership and to engage with the public […]