Guest Blog: Ian Davis – Smart meters: Getting the privacy controls right

What privacy controls should be put in place to ensure customers’ information shared with energy suppliers remain confidential? This question has been ongoing for a few years but it has reached a tipping point with the imminent wide-scale deployment of smart meters. Customers, energy suppliers and distributors who have historically relied on assessing domestic household […]

Opt for ISO 50001 to comply with ESOS, firms advised

Businesses are being advised to start being compliant “as early as possible” to make sure they meet the government’s energy audits deadline and avoid fines. As part of the Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS), all large firms in the private sector – those with more than 250 employees or an annual turnover of more than […]

Fretting about uncertain energy future? Future-proof your organisation

Energy is a hot topic these days. For energy managers, it can be difficult to know the best course of action to take to combat rising energy prices, security of supply issues and government energy efficiency schemes. Gemserv’s resident expert, Business Development Manager Louise Powell, takes us through five ways that ISO 50001 can help […]

Unleash your rock power!

Do you think you can strut it with a guitar? If you have any hair left can you still gel it back? Are you able to get into ripped jeans and still fancy crowd surfing? If that’s the case then you have the chance to belt out your favourite rock anthem or croon a ballad […]