New alliance for nuclear decommissioning in Germany, Sweden

GE Hitachi (GEH) Nuclear Energy and Bechtel have joined forces to provide decommissioning services for nuclear power plants in Germany and Sweden. The two companies will provide a full range of services, including pre-shutdown planning, licensing, project development and management, demolition, waste handling and site closeout. Bechtel has more than three decades of experience in […]

US Government provides $3.5m for nuclear reactor projects

The US Government has announced funding worth $3.5 million (£2.3m) for four advanced nuclear reactor projects in the country. Led by GE Hitachi, General Atomics, Gen4 Energy and Westinghouse, the projects will address key technical challenges to designing, building and operating the “next generation” of nuclear reactors. The US Department of Energy’s latest move is […]

GE approach Sellafield over plutonium recycling

GE Hitachi has reportedly approached Sellafield about building a new reactor in which to convert waste plutonium into electricity. Currently the Government spends around £2 billion a year managing the nuclear waste. GE Hitachi’s Danny Roderick is reported to have said the proposed 600MW plant could recycle the existing stockpile in five years: “We could […]