Funding delays to smart grid will bring “no benefit”

Holding back on funding the change to a smart grid won’t bring a “great deal of benefit”, won’t save us much money and could cost the UK its leading role in the new technology sphere. That seems to be the consensus from investors, suppliers and analysts at the Smart Grid GB conference in London today, […]

GE Energy introduce cost-cutting, high-efficiency technology

Supplier of power generation and energy technologies, GE Energy, has introduced a fuel-blending technology for its gas turbines that will enable operators to lower fuel costs by reducing the amount of natural gas fuel required by the turbines. The new system cuts cost and boosts efficency, the company say. Fuel flexibility and efficiency are critical […]

Smart grid will happen, but only with global standard

Smart grids will be a critical component in transforming the world’s low carbon economy but a global standard is paramount in accelerating its introduction. This was the message from Keith Redfearn, general manager of digital energy for GE Energy in Europe. Discussing smart grid technology and implementation policy at the Annual British American Business Conference, […]

MPs to question electricity industry

The Energy and Climate Change Select Committee will meet tomorrow to question industry and network companies over market reform. The committee aims to question the witnesses over the need for new electricity capacity in the UK and how to reduce demand. Representatives from Alstom Power, Dong Energy, Statoil, GE Energy, National Grid, Energy Networks Association […]