GE doubles solar investment to $1.4bn

The financial arm of engineering group GE doubled its investment commitment in solar projects to $1.4billion (£0.9bn) last year, it announced yesterday. GE Energy Financial Services’ now has one-gigawatt’s worth of solar power spanning 48 solar plants in six countries: Australia, Canada, Italy, Portugal, Spain and the United States. Alex Urquhart, president and CEO said: […]

US and Euro funds plough €110 million into solar ‘troughs’

Two large US and Euro funds are ploughing €111.1 million into a solar power ‘trough’ in Spain. USA-based GE Energy Financial Services and German fund KGAL are investing in the 50MW solar power plant, the firms announced today. The plant makes energy from a molten salt energy storage in giant parabolic, or curved, troughs that […]