Coronavirus lockdown ‘knocks electricity demand by 13%’

A new report suggests this change in energy consumption is most notable in the morning peak and middle of the day

Gas system undersupplied – DMR

The gas system has opened 4mcm short, according to npower’s daily market report. Alex Guiot from npower’s optimisation desk said this is due to the drop in Norwegian flows through the Langeled pipeline nominating 30mcm against 70mcm last week. He added: “This drop is due to maintenance on the continent which is re-routing flows from the […]

Gas system still short, pushing prices up – DMR

The gas system is undersupplied for the second day which has increased gas prices. That’s according to npower’s daily market report. The linepack is currently forecast to close 7mcm short. Gemma Bruce from npower’s optimisation desk said: “This is largely as a result of lower St Fergus [gas terminal] flows with UK Continental Shelf nominated […]

Cold spell pushes power and gas prices higher – DMR

A cold spell sweeping the country continues to push up short-term UK gas and power prices, according to the daily market report from npower. As people reach for the thermostats, demand from households – signalled by the LDZ network of gas pipes – is higher said Gemma Bruce, Client Portfolio Manager at the supplier’s Optimisation Desk. […]

“Healthy” gas system outweighs Ukraine fears

A “healthy” gas system in the UK is helping to keep a check on gas prices rising because of escalating tensions in the UK, according to a daily market report. Gemma Bruce, Client Portfolio Manager at npower’s Optimisation Desk said: “The gas market has opened flat to a touch lower this morning as conflicting drivers […]

UK gas system ‘short’ today

The gas system in the UK moved “short” this morning, with the amount held in the system expected to drop by around 3% today. According to the Daily Market Report from npower, the main driver for that was a “pick-up in demand and reduced flows from the Netherlands”. Client Portfolio Manager Tom Matthews added: “Also, […]