Egypt pays BG Group $350m for gas debt

British gas explorer BG Group has received $350 million (£219m) from the Egyptian Government. The payment is for outstanding debts to the company which along with other big energy players is owed money by the country. Around a fifth (18%) of BG’s whole production comes from its offshore rigs in Egypt. It was meant to […]

Russia extends Ukraine’s gas payment deadline

Russian energy firm Gazprom has given Ukraine an extra week to pay for gas supplies in advance or risk being cut off. The announcement comes after Ukraine made a part payment of $786 million (£469m) for gas received in February and March. Gazprom had previously warned it would cut supplies to Ukraine if it received […]

Gazprom hints it may stop gas to Ukraine over unpaid bill

The boss of Russian energy firm Gazprom has hinted it could turn off the gas taps to Ukraine over an unpaid gas bill. The prospect floated into view on Friday when the smaller country missed a payment deadline for February gas supplies. The comments could add pressure to the political conflict between the two nations […]