There are 69m pieces of wanted furniture in the UK – but don’t throw yours away!

The NLWA is urging people to upcycle unwanted items rather than dump them or buy new ones, in order to help avoid massive volumes of waste clogging up landfill sites

Could the real enemy of climate change turn out to be furniture?

It’s unlikely that your Chaise Longue is the sole reason the icecaps are melting but a new study suggests home furnishings do have a surprising impact on the environment

Geminor lands contract to handle waste wood in Norway

The companies involved believe the contract is the first of its kind in the country – it will see much of the wood recycled into furniture

IKEA opens the door for furniture rental service

The Swedish brand has announced it is launching trials in Switzerland this month

IKEA switches to all renewable energy

IKEA will soon be using only renewable energy at all its buildings, stores and offices in Sweden after buying 30 new wind turbines. The Swedish purveyor of flat-pack furniture announced today it is investing in a new wind farm on Glötesvålen, a mountain in Härjedalen, Sweden. Construction will start this summer and the wind farm […]