All aboard the ‘world’s first’ hydrogen double deckers

The 60-seat buses are forecast to save one kilogram of carbon dioxide with each kilometre they drive

US announces $128m for research into sustainable transport

The funding will support bioenergy as well as hydrogen and fuel cell technologies

EU bank and French hydrogen association join forces to support industry

Their collaboration is aimed at facilitating access to EIB’s financing solutions and expertise for hydrogen project promoters in France

Clean cars fit for Popeye… scientists power fuel cells with spinach!

Scientists from the American University have found a way to use spinach as a catalyst for an oxygen reduction reaction in fuel cells and metal-air batteries

US announces $64m funding for hydrogen projects

The 18 chosen projects will support the government’s ‘[email protected]’ vision for affordable hydrogen production, storage, distribution and consumption

Equinor to run carbon-free ammonia-fuelled supply vessel

Its Viking Energy vessel will be part of a research project to develop, install and test whether ammonia fuel cells can deliver 100% carbon-free power over long distances

Toyota unveils plans for ‘prototype city of the future’ in Japan

The ‘Woven City’ will be located at the base of Mount Fuji and powered by hydrogen fuel cells and solar panels

EU, Japan and US to co-operate on hydrogen and fuel cells

They believe the technologies could bring significant benefits to the energy sector, the economy and the environment

‘Fuel cells important to tackle climate change’

Fuel cell systems could play an important role in helping combat climate change due to their efficiency. Anthony Kucernak, Professor of Chemical Physics at Imperial College London told ELN: “I think one of the important points about fuel cells is that they are very, very efficient. As we move forward, what we need to make sure […]

UK fuel cells to power Indian mobile phone masts

The UK firm Intelligent Energy will provide fuel cells – originally designed for green cars – to an Indian telecoms company to power mobile phone masts in a multi-million pound deal. The agreement with Ascend Telecoms, which serves all licensed mobile network operators in India, will see the firm develop its zero-emission, hydrogen fuel cell […]