Smart thermostats market to ‘rocket to $2.5bn in five years’

The European smart thermostats market is set to increase to $2.5 billion (£1.6bn) in less than five years. That’s according to a new report which states the boom will be driven by 2020 climate change targets and mandatory energy efficiency certification for buildings. It adds the enforcement of minimum standards for high energy consuming products, such as boilers, […]

Germany’s solar expected to treble

Germany’s solar power capacity will triple while overall renewable energy will supply a third (36%) of the EU powerhouse’s electricity by 2020. The “dramatic” shift in energy use over the next decade is the prediction of consultancy Frost & Sullivan’s Energy group. The forecast includes an expected huge drop in electricity generation of at least […]

Europe’s smart meters set to increase five-fold

The number of smart meters in Europe will grow five-fold over the next five years, according to research by American consultancy Frost & Sullivan. The analysts suggest the installed base of smart meters, which pass information between homes and suppliers remotely, will jump from around 44 million in 2010 to at least 200 million in […]

Growth in store for Mozambique’s coal mining sector

Mozambique’s coal mining sector is set to grow its export side on a large scale, according to analysts. Mining research analyst Christy Tawii at consultancy Frost & Sullivan says that the country’s mining industry can expect radical change now that a spate of new coal projects, collectively worth roughly $6.65 billion, are being developed. Speaking […]