COP26: UK kick-starts new initiative to protect world’s rainforests

The Forest, Agriculture and Commodity Trade (FACT) Dialogue brings together more than 18 countries exporting and consuming agricultural products to discuss how to make the process greener and more sustainable

‘At least 40% of the world must adopt healthy diets by 2030 to tackle climate threat’

Currently, the food systems in G20 countries are emitting nearly 75% of the total global food-related carbon emissions, according to a new report

WRAP publishes roadmap to tackle food wastage at UK farms

The group suggests although total food waste has fallen by 7% between 2015 and 2018 to 9.5 million tonnes a year, more needs to be done to tackle the problem

Land blocked? UK ‘faces 2 million hectare shortfall’

Space to grow fruit and vegetables, crops for ‘green’ biofuel and build homes could soon be hard to find. New research led by Cambridge academics suggests the UK faces a shortfall of 2 million hectares by 2030. With the UK’s population predicted to reach 71 million, an extra 7 million hectares of land – more […]

Leaked UN report fears food crisis from climate change

Climate change could spark more violence, mass migration across Asia and lead to a crisis in food supply according to a draft UN report seen by the Independent. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change is due to publish the second of three reports studying man’s impact on the global climate. The first part of the […]