Scottish regulator investigates unplanned flaring at ExxonMobil site

The ‘high volume flaring’ at the Mossmorran Ethylene Plant started on Monday night as a result of a mechanical failure across boilers, resulting in a loss of steam generation

Oil giant Chevron ties executive pay to emissions reductions

It has pledged to reduce methane emissions and flaring intensity

Egypt joins global scheme to end gas flaring

Egypt has joined a global initiative to end the routine flaring of gas at oil production sites. It will join the Zero Routine Flaring by 2030 initiative, which aims to bring together governments, oil companies and development institutions who agree the practice is unsustainable from a resource management and environmental perspective. ‘Associated gas’ is extracted […]

Major oil firms, nations commit to end gas flaring

The bosses of major oil companies and government officials have agreed to end routine gas flaring at oil production sites across the globe. Companies including Royal Dutch Shell, Statoil, Kuwait Oil Co. and countries such as Russia, Norway and France were among those that made a commitment to end the practice by 2030 last week. […]