China capping carbon emissions from 2016

China will bring in a cap on carbon emissions in two years’ time. A senior government advisor today told a conference in Beijing the cap will be included in China’s 13th Five Year Plan which begins in 2016. He Jiankun, chairman of China’s Advisory Committee on Climate Change said: “The government will use two ways […]

China’s solar investment to hit $39bn by 2015

China’s investment in solar power generation is expected to hit around $39 billion (£24 billion) by 2015. According to the country’s newly revised Five-Year Plan, the investment is expected to create around 500,000 jobs. The news comes amidst the European Commission’s investigation into allegations that Chinese firms are selling solar panels below market value in […]

UK needs a “more focused” low carbon strategy with China

The UK Government must work towards a “more focused” low carbon trade strategy with China for green businesses and technologies to prosper, MPs warned. The Energy and Climate Change Committee in its new report said China’s market for low carbon technology is currently worth around £430billion, which is set to grow following its ambitious 12th […]

China’s coal plans could lead to water crisis

Greenpeace claims China’s plans to build 16 large-scale coal plants and mines could result in a severe water crisis. In a new report, it claims the new coal power bases are heavy consumers of water and could significantly threaten the survival of China’s water source, the Yellow River. Water demand created by the project will […]