United Utilities pays £500k after polluting river and killing fish

The leak originated from the Riverton Water Treatment Works

Will fish sink or swim in the face of climate change?

A new study shows fish populations are shrinking by up to 35% in coastal regions of China and Japan

The Muswell Hill Moment: Plastics in the human body

What do the public think?

Index shows 36 meat and fish companies are ‘environmentally high risk’

These firms, worth a total of $152 billion, include Chinese firm Fujian Sunner and Indian firm Venky’s

Yorkshire Water fined £45k for raw sewage pollution

Yorkshire Water has been fined £45,000 after pleading guilty for polluting a watercourse with raw sewage. The incident took place in April 2014 in Doncaster, which led to the deaths of several hundred fish, according to the Environment Agency. Raw sewage was discharged from the water firm’s pumping station at Sandy Lane, Belle View, into […]

Scottish Water penalised for chlorine leak fish deaths

Scottish Water was slapped with a fine of £6,500 this week after chlorinated water leaked from a reservoir killing more than 1,000 fish. The fine was dished out at the Alloa Sheriff Court on Monday. Scottish Water pled guilty to causing pollution at the Alva Burn waterway in the central Lowlands, after staff carried out […]

Wind farm is oasis for fish and fauna

A wind farm in the North Sea has had a positive overall impact on fauna, claims a new study. The OWEZ offshore wind farm, off the Dutch coast near Egmond aan Zee, provided a new natural habitat for organisms living on the sea bed such as mussels, anemones, and crabs. Prof. Han Lindeboom said that […]