New agreement to help deliver Pacific’s largest solar power project

The $15m project will help reduce Fiji’s dependence on imported fossil fuels and cut emissions, whilst supporting as many as 14,000 households to transition to solar energy

Fiji launches international green bond

It started trading on the London Stock Exchange this morning

New initiative to protect small islands from climate change

A new initiative to protect people living in small island developing states from the health impacts of climate change has been launched. The World Health Organisation (WHO), in collaboration with the UN and the COP23 Fijian Presidency, said the vision is to have health systems that are resilient to climate change by 2030. They also […]

Fiji issues first emerging market green bond

Fiji has become the first developing country in the world to issue a $50 million (£38m) green bond to fight climate change. The Pacific Island nation is seen as vulnerable to climate change, with official figures suggesting close to 20% of the region’s 10 million people could be displaced by 2050. Frank Bainimarama, Fijian Prime […]

Fiji calls for stronger targets ahead of COP 23

The Prime Minister of Fiji has called for steeper emission cuts ahead of the COP 23 climate change talks. Mr Vorege Bainimarama said this and ramping up the finance available to developing countries in order to green their economies and build resilience will be the key priorities of this round of the UN’s climate conference in Bonn, Germany, which he will […]

Rugby World Cup – Trying times for the grid?

  How much additional power do we need during the first England vs Fiji Rugby World Cup match?