Plants feel down too! Stress in plants can now be measured

The technology is designed to detect stressful plant conditions, including drought, heat, cold and light stress

Businesses in Yorkshire offered £600k for anaerobic digestion innovation

Projects can include desk-based studies, consultancy, laboratory tests, scale-up or demonstration activities

Ørsted to build ‘groundbreaking’ green ammonia project for sustainable food production

The green ammonia is intended to be used in the production of carbon-neutral fertiliser products

Seaweed plaguing Mexico’s beaches ‘could provide energy opportunity’

University of Exeter scientists say Sargassum seaweed can be turned into biofuel and high-quality, low-cost fertiliser through a process called hydrothermal liquefaction

IEA: Rising consumption of plastics to drive oil demand growth

Petrochemicals – i.e. components derived from oil and gas used in daily products like plastics, clothing and detergents – are to account for more than a third of growth to 2030

French utility ENGIE invests in home biogas company

Israeli firm HomeBiogas’ technology converts organic waste into cooking gas

Is North Korea rocketing towards algae energy?

North Korea could be growing algae in an attempt to diversify its energy resources and become more independent. That’s the suggestion from 38 North, part of the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies, which claims a blooming algae industry could allow the isolated nation to “mitigate the negative effects of sanctions both on the […]

New Swiss tech converts CO2 in air to fertiliser

A waste plant in Switzerland has installed technology to remove carbon dioxide from the air and convert it into fertiliser. Climeworks’ Direct Air Capture unit on the roof of a waste incineration plant in Hinwil, near Zurich, filters the greenhouse gas from the atmosphere and sells it to the nearby Gebrüder Meier Primanatura AG agricultural plant. […]

Welsh food waste will power £7.5m AD plant

Welsh rubbish will be used to create nearly 1MW of electricity at a new anaerobic digestion plant. Household food waste from three Welsh councils will be recycled at the £7.5m facility, built by organic waste specialists TEG Environmental and energy company Alkane Energy. The plant, which will be built in a former abattoir near St […]