You’ve heard of ‘world’s most powerful’ tidal turbine – but have you seen the video?

We thought it would be interesting to show what the turbine actually looks like – let us know what you think!

Fast fashion: Are your clothes damaging the planet?

Watch the short fact film to find out about the environmental costs of fast fashion

Rubbish flights on the way

  No, not the state of low cost airlines. The UK is looking into powering planes with rubbish! As part of plans to promote clean alternative fuels, the government is offering funding for projects to develop low carbon waste-based fuels for planes and lorries, with matching funding from industry. Trials of sustainable jet fuel, made […]

Hinkley Point C timeline

  With all the news surrounding the Hinkley Point C nuclear plant planned for Somerset, here’s a timeline showing the story so far. From the government announcing nuclear as part of the future energy mix in January 2006 to EDF making a final investment decision in July 2016 and the UK Government delaying the decision […]