Plastic bag charge in Scotland to double to 10p

The move is expected to come into effect from 1st April

Ofgem extends energy price cap exemption for three suppliers

Good Energy, Ecotricity and Green Energy can charge consumers above the standard variable tariff rates set by Ofgem

Feed-In Tariff exemption for UK’s energy intensive industries to be applied

The move aims to stop heavy energy users’ international competitiveness being negatively affected by higher energy bills

UK to seek exemption from US steel import tariffs

UK Trade Secretary Liam Fox is travelling to Washington today where he will be discussing the duties

EU, Japan push for exemptions from Trump’s metal tariffs

The European Union and Japan have urged the US to grant them exemptions from the import metal tariffs. Trade officials met in Brussels on Saturday to address issues such as trade distortive practices that lead to severe global overcapacity in sectors like steel. The EU and Japan also raised Donald Trump’s decision to impose additional […]

Green levy exemption for EIIs pushed back until 2018

The government’s planned exemption for energy intensive industries (EIIs) from some of the costs associated with green energy policies has been pushed back until next year. The Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS) had initially planned to have the exemption in place for the Renewable Obligation (RO) scheme by April this year but […]

Drax shares plunge as climate levy relief ends

Shares of the company that is converting the UK’s biggest coal-fired power station to biomass have plunged. Drax Group’s stock tumbled 28%, which is said to be the lowest since it started trading in 2005. It comes after the government announced it would scrap the Climate Change Levy exemption for renewable electricity, which means clean […]

Government consults on small sites’ zero carbon exemption

The UK Government is seeking views on its proposals to exempt small housing sites from the zero carbon homes policy. It aims to implement the zero carbon homes standard from 2016, which requires house builders in England to decrease all carbon emissions from energy arising from fixed heating, lighting, hot water and other building services […]