Space the new frontier in renewable energy?

Scots energy group and ESA team up to use satellites to improve wind farm efficiency

Scientists develop device that uses bacteria to mine rocks on Mars and the Moon

Researchers found using microbes to recover metals and minerals could be possible in all gravity conditions

European Space Agency launches new tool to combat climate change

The new technology will make it possible to track and attribute methane emissions around the world

Blue skies across Europe as coronavirus lockdown slashes air pollution

The change in the amount of nitrogen dioxide in the atmosphere is particularly broad in Paris, Milan and Madrid, according to the European Space Agency

Coronavirus slashes Italian emissions

Following the nationwide lockdown, a ‘massive decline of nitrogen dioxide emissions’ is particularly visible in northern Italy, according to the European Space Agency

Space-based mission aims to dodge solar flare damage

A space-based mission aims to set up an early-monitoring system for solar flares and geomagnetic storms. The European Space Agency (ESA) project, which will be led by Airbus UK, aims to put a spacecraft between the sun and the Earth to keep track of when the sun ejects material. This causes ‘space weather’, which can […]