More than 90% of EU citizens ‘find climate protection important’

Climate change, air pollution and waste are the three most important environmental issues, according to the results of the latest Eurobarometer survey

Europeans say climate action can boost economy

Four out of five people in the European Union recognise that fighting climate change and being energy efficient can boost the economy and employment. According to the Eurobarometer, nine in 10 Europeans consider climate change a serious problem facing the world after poverty and the economic situation. Half of those in Europe said they have […]

Stronger EU air quality policy needed

A majority of Europeans believe the quality of air has deteriorated in the last decade and are calling for stronger EU air quality policy. According to the European Commission’s new research, as many as 81% of people in Italy and 70-75% of those in Cyprus, France, Greece, Hungary, Romania and Spain all agreed that air […]

Small businesses have ‘most green employees’

Small and medium-sized businesses are creating more ‘green jobs’, according to a new EU survey. According to a Eurobarometer survey on ‘SMEs, resource efficiency and green markets’, green jobs are largely created in SMEs as opposed to large firms. In 2012, one in eight employees of small and medium-sized firms had a green job or […]